Snoop Dogg – Let the K Spray Lyrics

Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album: That’s My Work 2
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

The king never slept on
Chrome on the wheel gang bangin get crushed on
Any way you see it believe it nigga I rep on
Snoop D-O-dub on dubs you get stepped on
I see you lookin’ homie, what you gon’ do?
Twenty niggas with my they straped and they on E
Twenty killas with me they clappin’ them on you
It’s the Dogg rat-a-tat I splat it at your whole crew
Who knew I be runnin’ you suckas since nine duece
Motherfuckers it’s nothin’ since I was the true blue
I do it cause I can what fuck you gon’ do?
You and you and you and you
Like you and you and you and you
Hit the floor it’s the top dogg
I made my mark ain’t a thang to the brain with this zone on I spark
Like tic tic toc, boom boom shot
The bitches outta pocket I’m a click click pa pa
Hoes got your wallet, niggas lookin’ at your drop
But I wish a nigga would, you could die on the spot
See I got what it takes to make it erase ya
The game can’t save ya, naw I’m talkin’ bout
You and you and you and you
Like you and you and you and you
I’m a fiend for the cheddar
Can’t stop the livin the pimpin it’s gon getta
Niggas wanna bang I bangin that bowlretta Long Beach
Niggas know what it is I’m out to get ya
The game gon pull it shots gon fly man I put that on a bullet
Gangsters what you want, that’s what you get how could he?
Get outta hand when I control the streets while would he
I do it like I does, scary niggas trippin they doin’ it like cause
My hearts in the streets you keep talkin’ I go nuts
Snoop D-O-Double G Y it’s so dub
So keep your mouth closed youngin’
Pistols get the dumpin’, bullets bigger than tongue in
East side up, East siders who gon’ stop me?
I wish a nigga would you could die on spot see
Look at they face all crooked
Mad, cause I took the word and shook it
Niggas want beef but can’t cook it
Put it down I ain’t ask for the crown nigga I took it
I make this shit look easy
I’m international, the whole world needs me
The 357 is so beefy, I lay a nigga down thinkin’ it’s all cheesy
HK, better yet I pull the AK
Guns come out they cause may lay
Think your safe, no way
I got em pointed at you

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