Pearl Jam – Push Me Pull Me (Live) Lyrics

Artist: Pearl Jam
Album: Washington, DC 19-September-1998 (Live)
Genre: Rock

I had a false belief; I thought I came here to stay.
We’re all just visiting, all just breaking like waves.
The oceans made me, but who came up with love?
Push me, pull me, push me, but pull me out.

So if there were no angels would there be no sin?
You better stop me before I begin.
But let me say:
If I behave, can you arrange a spacious hole in the ground?
Somewhere nice, make it nice
Where the land meets high tide.
Push me, pull me, or pull me out.

Like a cloud dropping rain I’m discarding all thought.
I’ll dry up leaving puddles on the ground.
I’m like an opening band for the sun.
Push me, pull me, or just pull me out out out .
I’ve had enough, said enough, felt enough, I’m fine.

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