Lil Wayne – Jet Lee Bruce Lee [feat. Gudda Gudda] Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Non-Album Releases
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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[Verse 1: ~Gudda Gudda~]*
Body bag the beat toe tag the highs [? ] more bragging rights if you ain't acting right send you to after life I'm the action type shoot mash and fight I ball like Steve Nash and shoot pass the light and jump all in a freak ass she getting smashed to night I'm a vulture nigga slicker than a snake I'm a fool I the ape and you food I am raping you fools my dick on the track I molest you rappers Wayne and Gudda who wanna contest the rappers nobody four shotty's get the job done no problem I been a beast since squad one my money running like sonic the hedge hog and for the bread dog I'm like Adolf Ha Hitler give me the money or meet the sizzler I'm a toaster like straddle I'm a burn these niggas yeah

[Chorus: ~Lil Wayne~]
And I don't wanna talk about it gangster shit right in front you nigga walk around it they can let me do me they know I kick it like Jet Lii Bruce Lee and I've done what they can't do me without my gun up to your aunt suey and blow out a dooby paint her ruby I am a loony you niggas puny

[Verse 2: ~Lil Wayne~]
I puke on the beat I juke and never fumble man I spit the dope like I swallowed a bundle gotta spit the dope up cause the old head said if you don't it'll bust I heard if I sell it hard it'll rush but if the people come if it's soft it'll flush hum certainly don't get caught in a blind and keep your curtains straight no I don't drink wine but I smoke purple grape some time I see purple stars I ain't talking purple bapes I gets paid early cause I be working late too many painful memories shit hurt to say crack flow no bake just stir and shake shooting when we pull like erkale waist sip syrup got me moving at a turtle pase but quick draw pop out like a turtle face (ha) paid and full you can't murk the ace I like kill your beat then beat the murder case (yeah) that's right I'm a kill this shit and if the glove don't fit I'm a need a catchers mitt cause I'm high like a pitch yeah I'm high like a pitch like Mariah and shit I guess I'm higher than a bitch keep it dirty like a lion in a ditch like Eliaha from New Orleans I'm a giant in this bitch move the G and add a S and put the I before the N and put the A in front of that and that's what I am to the N that's a saint motherfucker simplify it for them where your funeral comes with a second line after end but you won't be second lining with then cause you would be in hurse that's behind all of them (yeah) I see your hommies dress in black like there funeral but that fashion statement is telling a lie I'm pelican fly Mac 11 inside my bullets come with wings so your cerembella can fly (yeah) fuck it right all year young money we are sick as ganarea like nasia heart burn interjesture up set stomach and diareah get some peptobismo hoe ha ha ha young mula baby

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