John Fred – Judy In Disguise (with Glasses) Lyrics

Artist: John Fred
Album: Miscellaneous
Genre: Soul

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Judy in disguise, well that’s a-what you are
a-lemonade pies, with a brand new car
cantaloupe eyes come to me tonight
your Judy in disguise, with glasses

keep a-wearing your bracelets, and your new rah rah
a-cross your heart, yeah, with your living bra
a-chimney sweep sparrow with guys
your Judy in disguise, with glasses

come to me tonight
come to me tonight
i’ve taken everything in sight
unzipper the strings of my kite

Judy in disguise, well what you aiming for
a-circus of a-horrors, yeah yeah, well that’s what you are
you make me a life of ashes
I guess i’ll just take your glasses

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