Ernie K-Doe – Mother In Law Lyrics

Artist: Ernie K-Doe
Album: Miscellaneous
Genre: Blues

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(Mother in law)
Mother in law
(Mother in law)
Mother in law

The worst person I know
(Mother in law, mother in law)
(Mother in law, mother in law)

A she worries me, so
If she’d leave us alone
A we would have a happy home
Sent from down below

Mother in law, mother in law

Satan should be her name
To me they’re bout the same
Every time I open my mouth
She steps in, tries to put me out
How could she stoop so low

I come home with my pay
She asks me what I made
She thinks her advice is a contribution
But if she would leave that would be the solution
And don’t come back no more

Mother in law
My mother in law, ah
Oh, yeah

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