Eminem – Slim Santa Lyrics

Artist: Eminem
Album: Miscellaneous
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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Slim Santa
May I have your attention please
will the real slim santa please stand up i repeat will the real slim santa please stand up were gonna have a problem here.
you all act like you’ve never seen santa before toys all over your floor who the hell you think brought them it wasnt drunk dad or your mother that whore it was me now im skinny and i’ll tell you the score it’s the return of christmas but not the jolly fat elf my ass got so big i couldnt wipe it myself my dr. said santa you’ve never looked worse lose 200 pounds or your hearts gonna burst but everyone loves me big and fat ho ho ho big as santa look at him walkin around his belly like jelly have some more egg nog they didnt give a shit if my arteerees clogged but i said fuck them and i joined a gym started eating low fat cookies drinkin milk that was skim i lost so much weight that i could see my candy cane and mrs.clause was happy i could fuck her again your name is on my list ur name is on my list and if ur nice not naughty i might give u a little gift well heres a message for u if ur a big fat slob if ur guts in the way a girl wont bob on ur nob u cant exspect a hoe to gobble ur goo if your just sittin around eattin twinkies watching scoobydoo if u aint nothin but chubby no girl wants a fat hubby you’ll end up workn construction ur love life in ruins and distruction and by the time ur 30 you’ll be askin santa for liepo suction but if ur thin you’ll get siduction underneath the missletoe sing the chorus and di’go.
im slim santa yes im the real kringle all you fly girls like my balls cuz they jingle so wont the real slim santa please stand up please stand up please stand up cuz im the slim santa yes im the saint nick so all u other slim santas can suck my fat dick!!

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