Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It for You (Sentrum Scene In Oslo, Norway 27.5.2010) Lyrics

Artist: Bryan Adams
Album: Bare Bones
Genre: Rock

Look into my eyes, you will see, what you mean to me.
Search your heart, search your soul and when you find me there, you’ll search no more.
Don’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for you can’t tell me, it’s not worth dyin’ for you know it’s true.
Everything I do I do it for you.
Look into to your heart, you will find, there’s nothin’ there to hide.
Take me as I am, take my life I would give it all, I would fighting for.
I can’t help it, there’s nothin’ I want more you know it’s true everything I do, I do it for you.
Oh, yeah.
There’s no love, like your love, and no other, could give more love.
There’s nowhere, unless you’re there.
All the time, all the way yeah, to your heart baby.
Oh, you can’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for I can’t help it there’s nothin’ I want more, yeah, I would fight for you I’d lie for you.
Walk the wire for you.
Yeah I’d die for you.
You know it’s true, everything I do, oh I do it for you

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